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Beijing Rocks

she“s collecting all the diamonds on the street

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profile.... please update me.

Why this community: Everything out there that's Asian music/arts related on LJ seems to be J-pop/J-Rock oriented, and that's not necessarily surprising. They've got some good stuff (I've already sold my soul to L'ARC-EN-CIEL). However, the more patriotic side of being a Chinese begs for more Chinese music awareness. I could have easily have made this site a Chinese music LJ, putting up some Jay Chou, Faye Wong and a dozen other names with one or two catchy songs, but then it occurred to me that a lot of the Chinese music is actually... well, really bad. Haha. The Chinese power ballads with the same lyrics over and over again are getting tedious, so I thought to limit this community a bit more - as in, only the good stuff allowed. Without being too pretentious, of course.

To join: Anyone who's Chinese should join. XD Don't get politically correct on me. I don't mean this in a racist way, I say this in the name of probability and obligation!

Anyone's who's interested in sweet stuff (movies music pictures) and Chinese media should join. I'm not big on rules, but if you can contribute that'd be great. This comm is also just my excuse to meet some weird kids like me. :)

About me: chingchizzle is your humble not-as-pretentious-as-you-think creator and moderator of beijingrocks. She's just a crazy 20-year-old Chinese girl who spent half of her life in Tianjin, China, and other half in the USA.

What do we post here: any Chinese music, art (images), movie, media, articles that you find and want to post or want to talk about... that is
good. In other words, no F4 or something....



崔健 / Cui Jian - I'll tell you what. I actually think it's DAMN cool that the father of Chinese rock is ALive & Well and still singing. He's a great father of Chinese rock at that too. Such an unassuming guy with so much spirit, like the type I would want to carry in my boombox booming down Tiananmen

子曰 / Confucius Say - Tianjin-based (my hometown hoorah!) band with a sweet local accent.

许巍 / Xu Wei - Xu Wei's more popular than you think (he's on the baidu top 100 list, that means he's hot). He's probably second to Cui Jian in the rocksoftrock genre.

与非门 / YuFeiMen - Electronic wickedness.

野孩子 / Wild Children - Hmm... I think they are pretty close to being my favorite. Love the vocalist voice. Chill with an edge.

幸福大街 / Happy Avenue - Brings out the feminist in all of us. The vocalist rawks, and their music, despite being a little similar from song to song, are jems. Great potential.

声音与玩具 / Sound & Toy - Hailing from Chengdu (Sichuan, the land of beautiful Chinese women), this quartet has a growing fanbase all around. Sometimes heavy bass and rockin'. Sometimes chillin' on a the streets on Sunday Afternoon They are also... pretty close to being my favorite. Heheh.

冷酷仙境 / Cold Fairyland - Sounds just like a frozen fairytale too. They're got some rock power on the ladies. I swear, in the end, China is ran by its women.

布衣樂隊 / BUYI - Apparently, Buyi has been together for 11 years... that's pretty damn long... good to see them finally get some good recognition. I've been scouring for their stuff...

Ping Pung - Shiiittt. I'm such a mainland rock girl. Hong Kong based rock band Ping Pung just doesn't cut it. I like a song or two to bang my head with (good riffs... good voice actually), but they are kind of manufactured, plus I always thought Cantonese kind of a bad dialect for rock. It's not raw enough like Beijing-hua. Their website is so cute it's friggin' Japanese... hehehe, and their vocalist is hot and marketable = packaged...


ziboy - photo journalist