China Rose

China Rose
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Rosa chinensis, known commonly as the China Rose is a member of the genus Rosa native to Southwest China in Guizhou, Hubei, and Sichuan Provinces. [source]

To be published in GirlsDrawinGirls Vol 4: The Way Nature Made Her, an anthology of flora-inspired pinups.

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Sheng Qi

Sheng Qi, born in 1965, came to public attention in 1985 as a member of China's "New Art Movement;" he was also involved in the Student's Movement, which ended with the tragic Tiananmen Square Massacre. Disheartened by the Tiananmen Square Massacre, Sheng Qi cut off his little finger and burried it in a flower pot before leaving China for Rome. However, Sheng Qi continues to draw on Chinese culture and history for inspiration despite his overwhelming anguish; it is easy to sense an inherent love--an thus, concern--for China in his art. Sheng Qi's art depicts the feelings of Chinese diasporics accurately: it is difficult to love a country whose history has been riddled with violence; yet, it is impossible to hate the country from which you came. Sheng Qi's paintings depict images of suffering--one painting illustrates hungry children--to images of pride--another painting pertains to China's first astronaut. The artist reminds his viewers that China and Chinese feeling is complex and cannot be reduced to anything but an image that records what the eye sees and the heart feels.

National Funeral; Acrylic; 200x300cm; at the 798 Avant Gallery

Unfortunately, Sheng Qi's site,, is down. I do not know if the downtime is due to censorship, but I hope his site will be back online in the future. Many of his works, including sculpture work, is available for viewing at 798 Avant Gallery, which exhibits contemporary Chinese artists. You can contact him through his e-mail address, shengqi110 @ yahoo . com . cn.

Please credit Sheng Qi if you want to use the following icons so others may be made aware of his work; in addition, please credit madapostle so other people can find this post and learn more about him. Thank you!

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Hi :)
I just joined this community! The rock scene in China is something I've been wanting to get into for the longest time. I haven't done much research so I basically still don't know anything. My friends only listen to Cpop. Not that that's bad, it's just I kinda want to hear something.. harder?

Is there any information I can get on the band Slit? The closest I've gotten are photos and that they're a "nu-metal" band from Shanghai. If I'm crazy and this band doesn't exist then... ^ ^; any recommendations? It doesn't have to be just rock either, I'm open to the whole scene.. whole non-pop scene. haha
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Hey friends and fellow bloggers,


I am doing a small project on Chinese music and hoping if some of you could help me? I’m new to the Chinese music scene and was wanting a bit of an introduction and/or quick rundown of it all... What I’m trying to do is make key points about the beginnings of music in China, the different styles and how it has changed throughout the ages. If anybody is a bit of a music fan or knows/remembers any key points within your life where you realized that a significant change had happened in the music scene or culturally in China, that would be really appreciated. Basically feel free to reply if find/remember/know anything you would think to be appropriate to put into a project concerning the music industry/culture would be awesome.


Being able to give first-hand accounts would really boost my project along. I know that the Chinese music-scene used to be a bit limited because of the laws and that so I’m very interested to make points about the attitude and philosophy of the government and people, restrictions and the gradual relaxation of the industry as well. I’m trying to make a kind of timeline... of course I am also searching every internet site I can to find articles or interesting facts as well. If you know of any, please help. If I can’t get enough information soon I might have to switch to a different topic... 


What would be even better was if the people who answered could tell me either in the reply or in private their: name, location and age; so I could say ‘This is (insert name) from (insert location) and is (insert age) she/he (said/thinks/believes)” etc... So that way my audience can get a chance to form some sort of identity from the people I’m talking about. If there is certain information you don’t want to divulge, that’s fine... even anonymous replies are cool with me.

I know it is a big ask (especially the personal information) but it would really be awesome. I don’t expect anything and I probably anticipate a few getting angry or asking me “who do you think you are?!” Remember... I don’t want your address or phone number, or anything - just anything you feel comfortable divulging.


Edit – Someone wanted me to be more specific with the region I’m talking about and although I’m ok with history from Taiwan and Hong Kong I guess to make it ‘easier’ I’ll try to concentrate more on mainland China.


Anyways, if it is an annoying/inappropriate question feel free to ignore it or delete it. Sorry if there is any inconvenience. This has been cross posted to several other communities so you’ll all probably get sick of my face before long ;-) *haha*


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Heyy Beijing Rockers (echo echo...),

We've been down and out for a year... mostly because uh, well, I was in China.
A good year a good year... now that we're back, it's time to battle the western media...

The Sound, Not of Music, but of Control
new york times' article on the state of chinese underground/mainstream music

typical western slanted perspective sprinkled with throwaway key words like "communism" "conformity." narrow research... could have at least mentioned midi and the slew of music festival popping up all over the country... and the national campaign of "creativity" heralded even by the said communist government. i mean, i'm not condoning the pop market. then again, i'm not sure avril lavigne is any better than a mouse loves rice. what's ironic is the chinese pop market is actually flooded by taiwanese and hk pop acts (two "land of free thought."). The article completely ignores the fact that China has a bigger and burgeoning rock market even by per capita than Taiwan and HK.

come to think of it, i don't think rock should be "mainstreamed" at all.

What are you guys' opinion on the article, observations while in china, thoughts on how rock is neglected or......... confession of obsession with "mouse loves rice?"

on a side note, i love WAN XIAOLI!!!!! (whom we can now find at KTVs.... if that's not mainstream, then I don't know what is... fucking Times) sorry, but what's rock without a little anger yeah? :)

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First time posting here. Can someone please recommend Chinese bands featuring female vocalists along the lines of 与非门 and 跳房子? I'm okay with solo singers too as long as they are female =]

Thanks in advance!
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Chinese Art Print

Hello :)

I am hoping someone here might be able to help me. My mother purchased this print for me at a garage sale, and I have been trying to find some information on it but it has proven to be difficult. My husband spoke with his friend about it, who is Chinese and was able to get a decent translation on the words on the print, but he didn't know anything more about, and even with the information he gave me I have had no real luck locating any information on this print. I am hoping that someone here might be able to tell me more;

photos of the print under hereCollapse )

If it helps at all this is what my husbands friend told us;
this is what is on the print: 海陵袁佩芯画于岱庐之南宾
the picture is made by a guy called 袁佩芯
the first two words 海陵 is the place that the guy lived

I have tried sticking this in a translator online, but all I got was this:
Sea mausoleum Yuan Peixin picture Yu Dailu south guest
which hasn't been helpful. I can't find anything on google about Yuan Peixin (if that is even a valid translation of his name, I don't really trust the online translators), even when I search with the chinese characters I can't find anything relating to art. So any help someone in here could provide would be greatly appreciated! I'd like to actually know something about the art on my wall!
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The Fader on Beijing underground rock

Quoting from Shanghaiist:
The current issue of The Fader has an article on Beijing underground rock. However, there is no direct link to the article, so you have to download the 50+ MB .pdf version. The article itself is well-written, a good introduction to the underground scene in Beijing. We're not sure if this article would be considered "ahead of the curve" or not, but for an English speaking audience it seems like decent enough music journalism. There are some nice photos, as well. Just click here to start downloading that pdf. If you want to listen to some music mentioned in the article, try their podcast, which you can download onto iTunes.
(We pardon their use of the first-person plural.)

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So... on my blog I'm doing an informal poll: why do you like Beijing? (If you haven't been to Beijing/China then please ignore). I'm writing a play about life in Beijing and I'd love to hear back about what other people love/hate about this city :)

(this is x-posted in a couple of communities that I'm pretty sure have some overlaps, so sorry if you get spammed with this... maybe its a good indicator that you really do heart beijing) ;)